Why buy insurance? MyTravel Cover is an insurance solution that suits your needs and circumstances and helps you avoid any nasty surprises! There are two types of coverage depending on whether or not you have a French or European Social Security Card:

  • ‘’Social Security top-up’’ Package – For foreigners who have a French or European Social Security number (available only for the Comfort package)
  • ’1st €’’ Package – For foreigners who don’t have a French or European Social Security number. The ‘’1st Euro’’ solution offers you a single point of contact and peace of mind during your time abroad.

Two very affordable packages:

  • ‘’Comfort’’ offers the reimbursement of medical expenses, including illnesses, accidents and emergencies
  • ‘’Emergency’’ covers only medical expenses in case of an accident or a medical emergency, NOT ILLNESSES

Both packages include:

  • Medical Expenses (coverage varies according to the Package, the Comfort Package offers more generous reimbursements)
  • Repatriation assistance
  • Personal liability private capacity coverage
  • No medical exams or formalities for people under the age of 40
  • Easy Claim App that you can download on to your mobile phone : send us your healthcare claims up to €1000, view and download your Insurance Card, request a guarantee of payment before being hospitalized, find a healthcare professional near you

Any limitations of your health coverage, franchises, reimbursement conditions or exclusion clauses are explained in the General Conditions.
Please read them to ensure that the insurance policy contract that you choose corresponds to your needs.

General conditions


Cancellation letter